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Centre for Trade and Investment Law (CTIL), India 

The Centre for Trade and Investment Law (CTIL): The TradeLab-India operations are conducted in a hub-and-spoke model with CTIL acting as an anchor establishment between the universities and the beneficiaries in order to ensure seamless coordination and communication among all the parties. Clinics are a win-win for all involved: Beneficiaries receive expert work done for free and build capacity; students learn by doing, obtain academic credits and expand their networks; Academic Supervisors and Mentors share their knowledge on cutting-edge issues and increase their ability to attract and engage top students with proven skills.

Academic Supervisors

James Nedumpara.jpg

James Nedumpara

Centre for Trade and Investment Law,

New Delhi, India

Mr. Satwik Shekhar.jpg

Satwik Shekhar

Centre for Trade and Investment Law


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